Saturday , January 20 2018
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  • Americas Rugby News

    Formally created in June 2015, this website's goal is to increase media exposure of the Tier 2 rugby nations, and create a hub with a focus on the stories of rugby in the Americas - North, Central and South.
  • Bryan Ray

    EDITOR / CANADA ... has been writing about Canadian rugby since 1998 for various publications like the National Rugby Post, Canadian Rugby News, and most recently his own site - Ray's Rugby. Former player of 20+ years, coach, and now senior referee.
  • Paul Tait

    EDITOR / ARGENTINA / SOUTH AMERICA ... has been covering the sport since 2007. Rising from the ranks as a player, coach, and referee, he has published two books to go with articles on various international websites including the World Rugby page.
  • Ted Hardy

    EDITOR / USA ... has covered American rugby for various publications since 2008, and maintains his own website - Rugby America. Having served in nearly every role from player to coach to administrator, he currently runs a non-profit to support youth rugby.
  • MLB3BB2

    Love this site and I check it every day.  Only problem seems to be that the “recent comments” don’t get updated.

  • Ian

    Love it guys. I am so happy to stumble on your site. Go Canada Go. Looking forward to a pro team in TO.

  • Rugby PNS

    Hello team,
    Great job !!!
    Would be possible for you experts to select the ARC team of the week?
    In that way we all start to know more about the players.
    Of course is not anew idea, I just wonder it can be applied to the ARC.

  • @Rugby PNS Check back tomorrow morning 🙂

  • argie66

    Hi team!.
    Was thinking if it would be possible to add in the future an ARN forum.

  • argie66 We have discussed it in the past and would like to add a forum some day, but at the moment our resources are limited (a forum requires moderation and upkeep even at a basic level) and we have some other new initiatives that are higher on the priority list for the coming months. In the meantime there are some others worth checking out, for instance seems to have some reasonably informed discussions on rugby in the Americas.

  • banfield

    Americas Rugby News argie66 t2rugby is a nice forum, everyone should try that one!

  • donguiyo

    great site, I like how it brings the continent together on the rugby stage….we just need to add rugby to President Obama’s agenda in his next month visit to Buenos Aires! 🙂

  • banfield

    donguiyo On March 26 Jaguares will play against Stormers in Buenos Aires … just ping me and I will go with you guys 🙂

  • sargenz

    Could anyone kindly tell me who the referees were for the following matches please?
    May 7: Bahamas vs Mexico in Nassau &
    June 4: Bermuda vs Bahamas in Hamilton

    Could you email me at with any info. The info is required to keep my refereeing records up to date & current

    Many thanks in advance.

    Chris Jansen

  • PNS Rugby

    Hello ARN,
    You are doing an excellent job, thank you for focusing on rugby in the Americas. The team of the week,the Breakthrough Player of the Year, are great additions, as well as the preview of each nation starting the new edition of the ARC.
    I wonder if it may be possible to have a preview of each game of the ARC, I think it will help to know your opinion on the teams and what your prediction of the outcome of the game would be, including your opinion of each teams weaknesses and strengths.
    Once again thank you for all your work.

    • Gracias Carlos.

      Thank you for your feedback and suggestion. The team will consider it.

  • Kirk Costello

    Will ARN be streaming the Canada-Chile game tonight?  If not, will it be available as a video after the game?

  • PNS Rugby Done!

  • Kirk Costello Hi Kirk, ARN does not stream live games. The match will be available on TSN GO for those with access, or The Rugby Channel on delay tomorrow if you are in the US. It will also be on ESPN Sur for South Americans. Otherwise the games usually get uploaded to YouTube within a couple days (…though not by us!).

  • Pendsacola Rugby

    Hello ARN,
    Before this new edition of the ARC is over, I wanted to say thank you for the great coverage you made on this Championship!!!
    The previews, prognostic and team of the week are excellent.
    Once again thank you for your time and effort.
    Great Job,