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Puma Changes from June 2016 for June 2017

Daniel Hourcade’s roster for the June 2017 internationals remains unconfirmed. In 2016 his first roster had 28 players. Most, albeit not all, of the players are to return for the 2017 fixtures. They are to be complimented by additional players, all of whom are to involved in the current Super Rugby campaign.

Facundo Bosch and Facundo Isa have both left Argentina and are contracted to Agen and Toulon respectively for next season. Neither will play for Argentina and nor will any others playing their rugby in Europe.

Bosch had been the third choice hooker for both Los Jaguares and Los Pumas in 2016. His opportunities were limited which, ultimately, contributed to him signing to play in France. The search for greater game time resulted in Loose Head prop Roberto Tejerizo converting to hooker.

Tejerizo has been back-up to captain, Agustín Creevy in recent weeks. This is due to Julián Montoya being out injured. Montoya will be back in time for June. Tejerizo or Argentina XV regular, Gaspar Baldunciel are next in line. Hourcade, though, is likely to go for just two hookers.

Leonardo Senatore is to replace 2016 Argentine Player of the Year, Isa at No 8. Formerly of Bayonne, Benjamín Macome is the next in line at Los Jaguares and starts today against the Lions. Senatore missed the 2016 June Internationals though suspension.

No longer a Jaguar is Lucas González Amorosino. His personal decision came at a time when Argentina is in need of finding depth at wing. Juan Pablo Estelles debuted in November but will not be considered.

Marcos Ayerza has retired. Without him the scrum simply has not been the same. Los Pumas lost some of their edge in 2016 but did improve in November. In June 2016 Santiago García Botta and Facundo Gigena were the two players picked. Lucas Noguera Paz was injured at the time. He will take Gigena’s spot.

Problems in the scrum saw Nahuel Tetaz Chaparro moving to Loose Head prop in June. He missed out on the November tour with Enrique Pieretto displaying extraordinary abilities in the scrum. Pieretto was deputy to Ramiro Herrera, another out through suspension last June.

Problems also presented themselves in the second-row last June. Tomás Lavanini was a late arrival after returning from suspension. Limited resources saw flanker Javier Ortega Desio starting in the second-row against France. Such a possibility is low this time around. Marcos Kremer has demonstrated his abilities for Los Jaguares and has not been training with Los Pumitas.

Veteran Juan Manuel Leguizamón is to be back in the mix. Neither he nor Ortega Desio have played Super Rugby thus far in 2017. Rodrigo Báez and Tomás Lezana have proven to be more than adequate replacements.

Also yet to play are both Martín Landajo and Tomás Cubelli (Brumbies). The former is expected back within weeks for Los Jaguares while the latter is likely to have to sit out the June Internationals. Gonzalo Bertranou is likely to be picked with Felipe Ezcurra added if Hourcade opts for a third scrum half.

Santiago González Iglesias and Gabriel Ascárate appear to be cover, thereby potentially featuring in the event of injuries or suspensions. At fly half Joaquín Díaz Bonilla has moved above González Iglesias while Domingo Miotti is an outside possibility.

Winger Manuel Montero has not played since August. Ramiro Moyano has taken the opportunity in Super Rugby. He and Santiago Cordero are the best bets to join Montero as the wing options. Emiliano Boffelli join them and is to cover both fullback and outside center yet it is anticipated he will make his debut on the wing.

All considered the projected roster will consist of 31 players. This is to include two players in all positions, a familiarity under Hourcade. The positions with additional players are Tight Head Prop, Flanker and Wing. In all cases one of more player covers another position.

Santiago García Botta Loose Head Prop 24 2013 vs Chile 14
Lucas Noguera Paz Loose Head Prop 23 2014 vs Uruguay 32
Agustín Creevy Hooker 32 2005 vs Japan 59
Julián Montoya Hooker 23 2014 vs Uruguay 29
Ramiro Herrera Tight Head Prop 28 2014 vs Ireland 32
Enrique Pieretto Tight Head Prop 22 2016 vs Italy 13
Nahuel Tetaz Chaparro Tight Head Prop 27 2010 vs Chile 30
Matías Alemanno Second-row 26 2014 vs Uruguay 31
Marcos Kremer Second-row 19 2016 vs New Zealand 3
Tomás Lavanini Second-row 24 2013 vs Uruguay 30
Guido Petti Second-row 22 2014 vs Italy 24
Rodrigo Báez Flanker 28 2010 vs Chile 16
Juan Manuel Leguizamón Flanker 33 2005 vs Japan 75
Tomás Lezana Flanker 23 2014 vs France 11
Pablo Matera Flanker 24 2013 vs Chile 34
Javier Ortega Desio Flanker 26 2012 vs Uruguay 32
Benjamín Macome No 8 31 2009 vs Chile 23
Leonardo Senatore No 8 32 2008 vs Uruguay 44
Gonzalo Bertranou Scrum half 23 2015 vs Paraguay 2
Matín Landajo Scrum half 28 2008 vs Chile 66
Joaquín Diaz Bonilla Fly half 28 2016 vs Uruguay 2
Nicolás Sánchez Fly half 28 2010 vs Uruguay 50
Jerónimo de la Fuente Inside Center 26 2014 vs Uruguay 27
Juan Martín Hernández Inside Center 34 2013 vs Paraguay 66
Matías Moroni Outside Center 26 2014 vs Scotland 13
Matías Orlando Outside Center 25 2012 vs Uruguay 21
Santiago Cordero Wing 23 2013 vs England 30
Manuel Montero Wing 25 2012 vs Uruguay 26
Ramiro Moyano Wing 26 2011 vs Chile 12
Emiliano Boffelli Fullback 22 uncapped 0
Joaquín Tuculet Fullback 27 2012 vs Italy 40

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  • JRVJ

    You did not include S. González Iglesias.
    Also, if Cubelli is healthy, I would think he’d be called up (really, the first of Cubelli or Landajo who is healthy would be called up).

    Re: the famous/infamous “widening the base” debate, the Jags/Pumas have certainly done wonders at Lock (if everybody is healthy, they run 5 deep with Larrague the 5th man) or Flanker (where they have 5 players for two spots).

    The one area where no realistic widening has happened is Hooker, where way the Jags dealt with the Montoya injury has been very short sighted. In any case, I would hope Montoya gets a number of starts when he comes back, because if not, Creevy is going to be run into the ground.

  • slrd

    If Lavanini, Alemanno and Petti are healthy in June, Kremer will suit up for the Pumitas in the Junior World Cup. His first cap can wait.

    Also, there is no need to call 30 players for this window. Some of them are going to participate in the Nations Cup. If there is some sort of contingency, they are an hour away in Montevideo.

    • While it would be nice to see him there, it appears very unlikely Marcos Kremer will be with the Pumitas for the u20 Championship. The tournament starts at the beginning of June and the team’s preparations are now well underway. It will not be a major blow, however, with Franco Molina, Nahuel Milan, and Federico Lavanini among others ready to play in the second row and a number of promising back row players also available.

      Almost certainly none of the above players will appear in the Nations Cup. The training group for that tournament has already been named.

      • slrd

        That is not the training squad for the Nations Cup. It is the training squad for last week.

        They need to give minutes to some of the Jags second string players: Gigena, Arregui, Tejerizo, Larrague, Leguizamon, Portillo, F. Ezcurra, Diaz Bonilla, B. Ezcurra, Ascarate or Montero. Some of them really need the playing time. The squad for the Nations Cup will probably be similar to the one in the Americas Pacific Challenge last year.