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Irish Horror Show All But Confirms Argentina For Pool of Death

The Irish horror show has all but confirmed Argentina for the Pool of Death. Ireland’s 22-9 loss to Wales this evening has ramifications for the world rankings. Had the Irish defeated Wales then Argentina would have avoided a pool of death in Japan 2019.

Ireland’s inept performance has played into Wales’ hands. Had the Welsh lost they would have required a win over France in Paris to avoid falling to 9th. That position continues to be held by Argentina and little can now be done to change it.

France is ranked in 8th position. France have a match tomorrow against Italy in Rome, a match the visitors are expected to win. A victory by under 15 points would increase France’s ranking from 80.57 to 80.99 points. A win by 15 or more would give the French 81.21 points.

Wales’ home win over Ireland is to give them a ranking of 82.16 points. With Argentina sitting on 79.91 points the South Americans now need Italy to beat France. The alternative is for Wales to defeat France by 15 points in Paris.

The likelihood of Argentina avoiding a pool of death is all but zero now. While results in the Six Nations have not gone Los Pumas’ way. The real issue remains that the team failed to play well in 2016. The results in the Rugby Championship and in Europe in November ultimately saw Argentina plummet in the rankings. Daniel Hourcade’s non-selection of European-based players was a contributing factor.

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  • Johnno

    I’d bring a rule similair to Australia’s “Giteau’s law”, where aussies who have played 60-Test matches can play overseas and not have to play super rugby.
    For Argentina I’d make it 50-cap rule/plus any forwards who play in the Tight-5, there allowed to play for Pumas regardless of how many Tests they have played. Pumas were undermanned at Prop last year, and with a special Tight-5 rule excemption such as my sugesstion, it would give alot of young good domestic players a chance to prove themselves at Brumbies.
    A no 10 like Sanchez doesn’t need to be playing super rugby, he should be playing in Europe and turning out for Pumas in Big games the world cup/November Tests in europe.
    Sanchez doesn’t need super rugby or the rugby championship to still be a class player, nor does Creevy.
    If super rugby is so wonderful, then that would cancel out all teams that are euro club dominated(england/ireland/scotland/wales/france etc plus georgia getting better, and pacific islanders all mostly in Europe.
    Europe clubs and super rugby are same standard.

    • JonoMac

      While super rugby might not be at the same standard it once was, I think that in general there is an appreciable difference in standard and the attitude in which the teams approach the game.

      The idea of having the big names playing super rugby, is to build momentum and identity. You can’t rock up, after playing 10 man rugby in France and then “decide” to play attack orientated rugby. It takes time to build the skill sets, in a high tempo environment and against quality competition.

      Look at the Springbok players playing in Europe, when they return for the Boks, they are way off the pace.

      (Please don’t get me wrong, I’m still a big of European rugby but I think this is best way forward for Argentine rugby.)

      • Johnno

        You make no sense. Who says high tempo running rugby with lots of risks is the way. England beat Australia 3-0 in Australia last year plus they beat wallabies at Twickenham playing grinding 10-man boring rugby. Ireland beat wallabies in Dublin last year. What are you on about? European rugby is just as effective as southern hemphisphere rugby(AB”s are in there own world). Shouldnt you be saying , “you can’t just rock up and play 10-man rugby with a heavy emphasis on forwards and set pieces”. Argentina scrum has declined since they entered a super rugby side last year. The Pumas had an awful year last year. Get over it, your faith in flair and southern hemphisphere rugby is flawed, you can’t just rock up and adapt to froward based rugby is what you should be saying. The European boks were all there last year when they beat wallabies in South Africa Morne Steyn(French rugby) was man of the match. Voting rugby that’s not entertaining is the way forward, winning boring rather than losing by being entertaining is what the fans want, only silly casual fans rather entertainment even if it means losing.

        • JonoMac

          Thank you for your reply.

          AB’s are in their own world because they play positive, attack orientated rugby, based on skill and excellent conditioning.

          The Wallabies were woeful last year and not a great litmus test, they lost to the worst Springbok team in history!

          How’s the Springbok one dimensional game-plan working out for them? Maybe we should ask Italy?

          The Pumas looked travel fatigued, they had an extremely demanding schedule. They seemed to do very well against a pragmatic Irish side in the RWC.

          • Johnno

            Cough Cough
            Check your facts on that Irish game 2 years agar the RWC. Ireland were one of favorites for world cup. And they lost 4 players on the eve of the quarter final including there captian Paul O’Connell, and 4 replacements had to be drafted into the squad for that quarter final vs Pumas, an impossible task just about having fresh guys come into the squad and expect to be primed for a world cup quarter final, where as Argentina had an injury free squad. But if those guys played ireland would have started favourites..
            You say one dimensional game, well then you should be saying the same about the wallabies. Admit you prefer attacking flare rugby, to 10-man rugby with a heavy emphasis on forward play. I coach teams with a style like the Boks/England/Argentina of old. Lots of kicking and forward play, with little running and flair. You like a flair style I don’t. And Argentina made the 2007 RWC semi-finals playing 10-man rugby, england won a world cup in 2003 via 10-man rugby.
            Oh and australia are so flair orientated a lot of time, they have always been woeful in the wet. I like boring 10- man rugby, you like to play 10 man rugby admit it.

          • Frank

            Wow, you are one woefully misguided and rude individual. Rugby is evolving sir, you should get with the program. Oh, and please stop coaching in any way shape or form.

          • Johnno

            your an A-grade idiot you are a rid individual.

          • Frank

            Sigh…don’t know why I even bothered. Just FYI, when you’re attempting to insult someone in writing it’s best if you have a basic understanding of grammar. Your = possessive, e.g., What is your name? The one you were looking for is you’re, which is an abbreviation for you are. Happy travels Johnno, I’m sure you’ll find many a place on the internet to spout your nonsense.

  • Aaron

    Bracketology two years out…